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Guide REVUE des VINS de FRANCE 2018*

The Domain

This historical area of the Agly valley is now in the hands of Jean Hubert VERDAGUER and his wife, Brigitte, who added a range of dry wines to the existing old Rivesaltes, flagship of their production, in 2001. In the vineyard as in the cellar, the work is very careful. If the red wines are of a good standard, the sweet and natural wines are admirable (including a collection of old vintages dating back to 1948) which ensure the reputation of this address. This referenced area deserves the attention of amateurs. Among all the domains asserting the greatest spirit of the singularity of the Catalan wine history, this one is indispensable because of its quality.


By their power of taste and their aesthetic coherence, this year's tasted cuvées largely confirm last year's awards. The 2015 red wines offer a tasty interpretation of their respective grape varieties identities : Grenache solar but finely minty, Carignan with freshness, very natural, much more than in previous vintages. The amber Rivesaltes, based on Macabeu, are still remarkable, from the gourmet and affordable vintage Rancy and Co, which already boasts a nice rancio, to the exceptional vintages. They do become magical when time assembles substances and aromas.

Jury's favourite of the year - Rivesaltes ambré 1952 - rated 19/20

Under the influence of a strong volatile acidity spread the wings of this immense Natural Sweet Wine, concentrated and sublimated by time. The flavor develops around notes of smoked meat, date, creosote, earthy, before redounding on the orangette, at the end of a striking (and so long) sweet and salty final.

Other rated wines :

RIVESALTES Ambré 2004 - 16.5/20
RIVESALTES Rancy and Co. - 15.5/20
IGP Côtes catalanes
- Le carignan de Rancy 2015 - 15.5/20
- Le grenache de Rancy 2015 - 15/20

Pierre Citerne's favourite

Jean Hubert et Brigitte VERDAGUER

Domaine de RANCY

It is a family history, the story of a taste, particular and universal. Located in Latour-de-France on the old border of the kingdoms of France and Aragon, this area of Roussillon gives us to taste the evolution of the Catalan wine world for almost a century. Rancy, of course, rhymes with Rancio : the collection of amber Rivesaltes, natural sweet wines made from the Macabeu grape, dates back to the 1919 vintage. Multiple tastings demonstrate this : the Natural Sweet Wines of the Domaine de Rancy are unique. They acquire a tactile dimension and extraordinary complexity thanks to age, evaporation and concentration. The zenith of Natural Sweet Wines kept out the field of production of dry red wines during the twentieth century. With the decline of the first ones, the second ones came back. They have been closely followed by Delphine, the eldest daughter, since 2006 and have been progressing year after year, maintaining an "obvious sense of place". The dry rancios, recently recognized by the Administration are the quintessence of this Catalanity, and Jean-Hubert Verdaguer's strong passion. While The Roussillon region seems to open on all the possible winegrowing, the Verdaguer family shows us that the most precious modernity is to accept their own inheritance and identity.

Guide HACHETTE des vins 2018

The Domain

Since 1989, Brigitte and Jean Hubert VERDAGUER have been running the family estate (17 ha in organic farming) located in the heart of the village of Latour de France. Since its founding in 1920, this property is interested in natural sweet wines long bred in oack, including Rivesaltes, although at the turn of the century, it began with the production of dry wines, AOC or IGP. Another hobby horse for winemakers is the dry Rancio, an IGP.

Rivesaltes ambré 2004*

How astonishing what you can get with Macabeu! But not all vintners have the art of expressing their potential. Here you are with the "pope of the Rancios", and Macabeu is handled. The color of this 2004 Rancio shows coffee tones with pretty greenish reflections that announce the Rancio. This Rancio reveals dried fruits, dried grape, hazelnuts, cocoa and wild touches of woods. A real elegant Rancio, which does not leave indifferent, well balanced between sweetness and freshness. Assured pleasure for the amateurs.

Els petits raims 2015 **

Jean Hubert Verdaguer is passionate about tannat. He planted a small plot of land and assembled it with Mourvèdre and Grenache (45% each) to elaborate this very dark, deep, intense wine, which opens -after aeration- on the jammy red fruit and woods. Aromas enhanced with notes of grilled chestnut in an ample, powerful and warm mouth.

Guide Gilbert et Gaillard 2018

Grenache 2015 – Côtes catalanes – rated 85/100

Rather intense garnet color. Nose of red fruits with a spicy touch. On the palate a fresh attack that highlights the same gourmand flavors with notes of cocoa in the end. A Mediterranean lively wine, pleasant.

Els petits raims 2015 – Côtes catalanes - rated 88/100 Gold medal

Deep purple color, ruby reflection. Discreet nose, saline, mineral, red berries. On the palate, a full-bodied, round, gourmet wine, with incipient fragrances, evoking its origins. Warm, sunny, touches of garrigue and licorice, promising wine.

Rivesaltes Ambré 2004 – 50 cl – rated 88/100 Gold medal

Copper orange color. A very classic expressive nose combining notes of figs, caramel and nuts. The mouth is very smooth but with beautiful acidity. The finish makes the same crispy aromas persist in a very typical register.